Hymn to Agni


The Samaveda or Veda of the Chants is composed and finalized during the so called „epoch of the Kurus“ (1200- 700 BC) as a result of the increasing significance of the public ritual (shrauta yajna) in the social and religious life of ancient vedic society. The Samaveda consists of the verses of the Rigveda, but set to melodies (samans), which have important ritual function. As the first Veda the Samaveda begins with praise (stuti) to the god of fire, Agni, whose stanzas have been derived from different poems of Rigveda, dedicated to Agni, but compiled in an other sequence. The first stanza, for example, have been derived from a poem in the sixth cycle (mandala), the second – from a poem in the fourth mandala, ect.