Virtual Exhibition "With Affection to the East" (08.06.2020)


The Friends of India Club and “Prof. Alexander Fedotoff” Foundation in partnership with the Embassy of India in Bulgaria present a web-version of the exhibition of photographs taken by Prof. Alexander Fedotoff during his last visits to India, China, South Korea, Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia – “With Affection to the East”, exhibited at Sofia Press Gallery in Sofia in March  2019, at Radio Varna Art Centre in Varna in May 2019, at the Union of Journalists’ holiday house in Golden Sands resort from June to September 2019, at the Centre for Eastern Languages and Cultures of Sofia University in October 2019 and at the Confucius Institute in Sofia in November 2019. Curator of its web version is Malvika from “Devam” Foundation.

Link to the web exhibition